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Hangzhou Headquarters
  • No.31-1,Xianxing Road Xianlin
  • Industrial Park,Yuhang District,
  • Hangzhou, Zhejiang
  • 0571—88225198
  • 0571—88225128
Southern Office
  • 0769—21688120
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  • The enterprise has its own industrial park and has built up factory of more than 10000 square meters. The enterprise is ringed on three sides by mountains, beautiful and peaceful, and perfect for acoustic research, development and production.
  • The enterprise arranges accommodation for formal employees. One room is for 1-2 people with air conditon, water heater, toilet and broadband.
  • Leisure activities——basketball court.  The mess is provided with billiard table, table tennis tables...  

  • Sales presentation room

  • Sales Department is full of passion.

  • There is mess in the park.

  • If you want to visit us, please make telephone first.

  • Department of Technology made research

  • In the meeting, the enterprise regularly was discussing various matters effectively and precisely.

  • With five years of our working hard, the enterprise has successfully researched and developed testing microphone in 2007,and the production was more than 10000 in 2009.

  • In the workshop, our products are inspected precisely.
  • The lecture hall can accommodate one hundred people and we are trained here.

Technical Service

Manual, Product Technical Data

Product Model

CRY600 Series Artificial Mouth/Mouth Simulator

CRY571 Digital microphone adapter

CRY711 Artificial Ear/Ear Simulator

CRY6151 Acoustic tester

CRY318 Artificial Ear/Ear Simulator

CRY6136 Acoustic Tester

CRY712 High-leakage simulation ears

CRY713 low-leakage simulation ears

CRY6135 Electro acoustic tester

CRY501/502 1/2 inch preamplifier

CRY6125 Electro-acoustical Testing Instrument

CRY503 1/4 Inches preamplifier

CRY506 ICP preamplifier

CRY5620 Microphone Tester

CRY5611 Sound Level Calibrator

CRY2312 Multichannel Noise Vibration Acquisition System

CRY2120/2120U Real-time Sound Pressure and Frequency Spectrum Analysis Meter

Free field measurement microphone

The pressure field measurement microphone

CRY2110/2112 Noise Transducer/Noise Sensor

CRY6126 Electro-acoustical Testing Instrument for Telephone

CRY5616 Polarity Tester

GVS139 Polarity Tester

CRY5520 Voice Frequency Sweep-frequency Signal Generator

GVS7116C Automatic Sweep-frequency Signal Generator

CRY6157 Tester for Vehicle Horn

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