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  • Releasing independently developed and produced CRY2110/CRY2112 noise sensor, CRY2313 digital analyzer for environmental noise and vibration and CRY6157 debugger for motor vehicle klaxon. Releasing a new testing microphon, and realizing technical breakthrough of high stability and high corrosion resistance.


  • The enterprise established Hangzhou Zhaohua electronics co., LTD and expanded production base into more than 10000 square meters. Releasing independently developed and produced CRY5620 digital/simulated Mic tester.


  • Successfully developing and producing a new electroacoustic tester CRY6151 that can effectively promote speed and precision throught digital acquisition and handling techniques, especially one-time inserted testing for components of bluetooth and USB headphone and microphone that can effectively promote testing speed. Tens of thousands testing microphones have been sold, which has been mass-produced level.


  • With five years of hard working, CRY332/CRY331/CRY772 testing microphones have been successfully researched and developed and have been launched in the market.


  • Released CRY6136 four-channel electroacoustic tester can synchronously test frequency response and impedance curve of two headphones, and its degree of distortion has been increased to 0.1%, so it can reach advanced level in domestic and oversea, and it has been widely accepted by many international well-known brands.


  • CRY5520 audio sweep signal generator was developed and released. CRY6135 electroacoustic tester was released, and headphone and impedance frequency response curve can be tested synchronously with two channels.


  • Hangzhou Zhejiang University Telecommunication Equipment Co.,Ltd was renamed Hangzhou JiGao Electroacoustical Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.


  • Starting to research and develop independently high-quality testing microphone and laying a solid foundation for acoustic testing.


  • CRY6135 and CRY6136 tester for electroacoustic device was launched. CRY6135 is a two-channel synchronization tester testing headphone and impedance frequency response curve; CRY6136 is a four-channel synchronization tester testing two headphones and impedance frequency response curve. Degree of distortiono of signal testing of the two testers were increased to 0.1%, completely meeting international standard testing of headphone and being accpeted and applied by many international large electroacoustic companies, and making contribution to electroacoustic technical breakthrough of China.


  • CRY6128 buzzer tester was launched and effectively solved problems of buzzer testing for alarm. At that time, combination of sound level meter and frequency meter was commonly used in the market, but it was difficult to precisely test resonant frequency and corresponding frequency spectrum of buzzer. And then technical problems of sensitivity testing of ultrasonic buzzer delivery and reception were also solved.


  • With increasing export of telephone, we upgraded CRY6126 telephone electroacoustic tester that can only test Chinese standard telephone, and now CRY6126A can test Chinese, American, British, Germany, French and European standard telephone. Electroacoustic tester used DDS signal source technology and promoted testing frequency, and more objectively found defect of electroacoustic device that year.


  • Hangzhou Zhejiang University Telecommunication Equipment Co.,Ltd was registered officially; in the meanwhile, due to noise disturbance of production, after technological updating, we designed band-pass filter for fast sweep and tracking that can also test 1% degree of distortion, which obtained good results.


  • Hangzhou Zhejiang University Telecommunication Equipment Co.,Ltd was prepared to be established, electroacoustic tester for the first generation——CRY6125 electroacoustic tester and CRY6126 telephone electroacoustic tester (Chinese standard)were launched.


  • Cao Ruiying independently designed HS5920 digital sould level meter that was accepted by the market.


  • Cao Ruiying took part in evaluating domestic first-generation starndard tester for loudness of telephone, and then took part in domestic vertification regulation for the device.


  • Cao Ruiying represented Hongsheng Equipment Manufactory and Acoustics in Nanjing University to research and develop domestic first-generation active headphone for noise reduction.


  • The enterprise founder Cao Ruiying graduated from Department of Physics (microwave, electronic vacuum, electron optics) of Zhejiang University and worked on development of electroacoustic tester that he loved.

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CRY600 Series Artificial Mouth/Mouth Simulator

CRY571 Digital microphone adapter

CRY711 Artificial Ear/Ear Simulator

CRY6151 Acoustic tester

CRY318 Artificial Ear/Ear Simulator

CRY6136 Acoustic Tester

CRY712 High-leakage simulation ears

CRY713 low-leakage simulation ears

CRY6135 Electro acoustic tester

CRY501/502 1/2 inch preamplifier

CRY6125 Electro-acoustical Testing Instrument

CRY503 1/4 Inches preamplifier

CRY506 ICP preamplifier

CRY5620 Microphone Tester

CRY5611 Sound Level Calibrator

CRY2312 Multichannel Noise Vibration Acquisition System

CRY2120/2120U Real-time Sound Pressure and Frequency Spectrum Analysis Meter

Free field measurement microphone

The pressure field measurement microphone

CRY2110/2112 Noise Transducer/Noise Sensor

CRY6126 Electro-acoustical Testing Instrument for Telephone

CRY5616 Polarity Tester

GVS139 Polarity Tester

CRY5520 Voice Frequency Sweep-frequency Signal Generator

GVS7116C Automatic Sweep-frequency Signal Generator

CRY6157 Tester for Vehicle Horn

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