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Hangzhou Headquarters
  • No.31-1,Xianxing Road Xianlin
  • Industrial Park,Yuhang District,
  • Hangzhou, Zhejiang
  • 0571—88225198
  • 0571—88225128
Southern Office
  • 0769—21688120
  • 13823514540
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CRY Sound Co., Ltd.

Add:No.31-1,Xianxing Road,Xianlin Industrial Park,Yuhang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Tel:0571—88225198 88225128



Technical Service

Manual, Product Technical Data

Product Model

CRY600 Series Artificial Mouth/Mouth Simulator

CRY571 Digital microphone adapter

CRY711 Artificial Ear/Ear Simulator

CRY6151 Acoustic tester

CRY318 Artificial Ear/Ear Simulator

CRY6136 Acoustic Tester

CRY712 High-leakage simulation ears

CRY713 low-leakage simulation ears

CRY6135 Electro acoustic tester

CRY501/502 1/2 inch preamplifier

CRY6125 Electro-acoustical Testing Instrument

CRY503 1/4 Inches preamplifier

CRY506 ICP preamplifier

CRY5620 Microphone Tester

CRY5611 Sound Level Calibrator

CRY2312 Multichannel Noise Vibration Acquisition System

CRY2120/2120U Real-time Sound Pressure and Frequency Spectrum Analysis Meter

Free field measurement microphone

The pressure field measurement microphone

CRY2110/2112 Noise Transducer/Noise Sensor

CRY6126 Electro-acoustical Testing Instrument for Telephone

CRY5616 Polarity Tester

GVS139 Polarity Tester

CRY5520 Voice Frequency Sweep-frequency Signal Generator

GVS7116C Automatic Sweep-frequency Signal Generator

CRY6157 Tester for Vehicle Horn

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Tel:+86-571-8822519888225128    Fax:+86-571-88225178 Add:No.31-1,Xianxing Road,Xianlin Industrial Park,Yuhang District,Hangzhou,Zhejiang

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